February 4, 2009

Something Extra

Hello happy people! It's me again. I decided to make a bit of a layout for the paper strips on my scrapbook page for you so that you can see the dimensions. The ribbon was simply placed between the two horizontal strips of paper. I used a Fiskars border punch to get the scalloped edge on my striped paper. So here it is, feel free to click on the layout for a real size layout that's printable!

Next I would like to unveil my punch cards!!! HOORAY! I have two designs I have made and I would really appreciate your input as to which design is better. Before we get to that though, here are the conditions to these punch cards. With Stamping Devine's Punch Rewards, you will receive 1 punch for every $50 you spend. You will also receive 1 punch for hosting a workshop, referring a new customer, or signing up for a 3 month club. In addition, if you sign up for a 6 month club you will receive 2 punches! Once your card is filled up, you will receive $30 of your next purchase! Again let me know what you think about this. I am so excited to start demonstrating and sharing my creations and ideas with all of you as well as being able to provide the products to you!

Thanks again for stopping by and have a blessed evening!