March 30, 2009


I'm really sorry I've been missing these past few days! I recently quit smoking and I'm having a pretty hard time with it. With work and the kids on top of my mood being in the pits, I haven't felt like doing anything besides watching tv, drinking black coffee, and sleeping. It's been so tough but I know that this is someting I need to do for myself and for my family. I am really trying to be healthy in 09. I've been promising Matt for a long time that I would stop and I've finally done it! I'm so proud of myself so far. I'm about 4 days in and I'm still going strong! Thank you so much for your understanding! I really miss you all and I promise I will be back soon! I'm hoping to do some crafting tonight! If I don't, I will at least take some pics of the scrapbook pages I made last week so I can share SOMETHING! I will see you soon!

March 28, 2009

Hello Everyone! Sorry I've been MIA the last couple of days. Me and Matt have been spending some QT together after work and I'm usually so tired that I'll go to bed at like 9pm. I have to work again today but if I get off early I will be sure to make something to share with you all!

A couple of announcements! Blog candy is still in effect and to enter to win 2 SAB stamp sets and the Ribbon Bundle please leave a comment HERE. Let all your buddies know so they can enter as well. I have to reach 50 comments on that post in order to give away the prize. We currently have 10 comments so only 40 more to go!

Also, Sale-a-bration is still going on for a few more days! Don't miss out on this opportunity to get a free item from the mini when you spend $50. You can click my link to the right to shop right online! If you need any help navigating just let me know and I'll be happy to help.

I hope you all have a terrific day and sorry again for not having anything to share today! There will be more here tomorrow!

March 26, 2009


So apparently blogger didn't go down like I thought it would so I took my time tonight and revamped the site. Do you like it? I sure hope so! I figured out how to make a 3 column page so I can add more stuff! Hooray for stuff! I'm also currently in the process of starting a sister blog that willhost all the videos I make so please be patient. This should be done either tonight or tomorrow night! I will post the link to this site under "My Links" to the left of the screen. Well I've had a long day and I have an even longer weekend ahead of me. BLAH! I'll try to make a card and post it in the morning but I'm making no promises lol.

Remember that BLOG CANDY is still going on so just leave a comment HERE to participate! Also I've decided that if you order the Eight Great Greetings Stamp set from me, I will take 30% off the Bella Rose Stamp-a-stack Mail kit instead of just 15%. If you need any help ordering from my SU! website please leave me an email at or call my cell phone at 336-953-3646 and I will get back with you as soon as possible! If you order this stamp set an then want to order the Stamp-a-stack, email your order to me and I will email you instructions that walk you through ordering the kit through PayPal! Thanks everyone, have a great evening!

Blogger Outage

Hello everyone! There is a scheduled system outage for blogger later this evening and I'm not sure when I'll be able to post again so I thought I'd take the opportunity to post this morning! This card is meant to be either a masculine birthday or father's day card. It was SO easy and I hope you enjoy the nice clean lines. For the project worksheets click the appropriate link (DOC or PDF). Thanks for stopping by! I'll be uploding my videos to their own section so that they will be easier to file through. If time permits I'll do that later tonight.

Also, blog candy is still in effect just place a comment HERE to enter! Thanks to all of you who have already entered! I hope you all have a great day!

March 25, 2009

Yay! Another video!

Hi everyone! So I took the time today to make a new video for you all! I also went to Betty's to do some scrapbooking! What a fun time I had. She got in the CUTEST stamps yesterday. The brand is called Magnolia and they are from Sweden and so darn cute!

Today I'm giving you all a sneak peak of the Stamp-a-stack I am doing next month! It contains five coordinating cards and a cute Double Pocket Card Holder featuring the Bella Rose Designer Series Paper and Eight Great Greetings Stamp Set! I will be charging $15 (US) for this class and will be offering it by mail as well. If you would like to order the class by mail the charge will be $20(US) plus $5 S&H. Mail kits will include all materials except the stamped images, printed instructions with color photographs and a step-by-step DVD tutorial. Also, if you would like to order the Eight Great Greetings stamp set from my Stampin' Up! website, I will take 15% off the kit price. If you are interested in either attending my Stamp-a-stack, receiving the kit via mail, or have any questions please email me at

Also, remember that blog candy is still in full swing so leave a comment HERE to enter for a chance to win 3 Sale-a-bration Items. On that note, I leave you with my newest video on how to make the Double Pocket Card Holder! Have a great night and a Terrific Thursday!

Hi There!

Hello everyone. It's a great morning isn't it!? It's even better since I have the day off today! That means I get to create! I really should be working overtime to support my habit! LOL! So I'm trying to get everything todether that I will need for my first workshop! HOORAY! I haven't set a date yet but if you live in my area I would love for you to come! Just email me at I'm going to leave you with a super simple card I did for the Clean and Simple challenge on SCS. Today I will be making some more videos for you as well! I am so pleased to hear such positive feedback from all of you! Thanks again! For the PW's on this project just click the appropriate link (DOC or PDF). I hope you all have an awesome day! I'll see you later.

March 24, 2009


Sorry to all of you who were trying to view the video earlier today! I forgot to publish it, whoopsie! I must tell you all that I really appreciate everyone's comments! They make my day! Since I goofed with the video this morning I am going to leave you with a card this evening! This card is one that I did for the Color Challenge on SCS. It was actually an old one using Baja Breeze, Pacific Point, and Garden Green. I just love this cheep talk set! Isn't the little birdie so cute? I hope you all enjoy and you can view the Project Worksheets by clicking the appropriate link (DOC or PDF).

Remember that BLOG CANDY is still in full swing! We have to reach at least 50 comments under this post HERE. If you win, you will receive 2 SAB stamp sets and the SAB Ribbon Bundle. That's right 2 stamp sets! All I ask is that IF you have a blog please make a post about my blog candy linking back to the appropriate post. This does not mean that if you do not have a blog that you cannot play. EVERYONE CAN PLAY!! HOORAY! With that said, have a great night everyone!

Circle Scissor Plus

Good Morning everyone! I have another video for you today! It's all about the 411 on the circle scissor plus! To the left is the card I made using it and you'll see some more ideas in the video! I hope you enjoy it! I have to work today but I have tomorrow off WOOHOO! That means I can stamp all day! I'm really enjoying making these videos for you and have gained some positive feedback, thanks everyone! Well I hope you all have a WONDERFUL day! I'll see you a bit later!

March 23, 2009


HOORAY! My very first I finally figured out my camera, editing, uploading, and sharing! I've been a busy girl this afternoon! So here it is everyone...a video on making the distressed background on my God's Handwriting card! I'd love to here everyone's input!

I hope you all enjoyed it, please don't forget to leave a comment under the blog candy post for your chance to win some SAB items!


Hi all! Here are the PW's for the God's Handwriting card. (DOC or PDF). Enjoy! Poor little Chlobug got her shots but the Dr said she looked perfect! I can't believe she's already 15lbs! What a little chunk! She's such a love!

Side Note

Remember everyone! Blog Candy is still going on so tell everyone you know and post this to your blog! Leave a comment under the original post HERE!

YAY! A Solution!

Ok everyone although I don't think I can fix the part of my computer where my SD disk goes, my dad has given me a cool contraption that will allow me to put my SD disk into a flash drive! SO COOL! So that means we have pictures! Today's card is using a technique I like to call creating your own background. If I can figure out how to upload a video I will make a video on this and share with everyone! I can't stay long because I have to run Chloe to the Dr's to get shots, poor baby! I will have the Project Worksheets after I have come back!

Questions answered!

I had a great question from Pam (Hi Pam!) about our little incident yesterday. Kyan, whose two, wrote on our linoleum floor in the kitchen. He was drawing circles. He also wrote on the kitchen table, 2 kitchen chairs and his booster seat. I have no hope of getting that out. My mom looked up what things remove permanent marker and some of the things were a magic eraser, toothpaste mixed with baking soda, baking soda mixed with water, dry erase marker, and a pencil eraser. So far I've tried the dry erase marker and pencil eraser and they helped lighten the drawings by not totally remove them. Since I have the day off today I plan to try the baking soda, er powder, I'm not sure which I'll have to look it up. Needless to say that I was exhausted after Matt got home yesterday and quickly got the kids to bed and went to sleep! LOL. Welp I hope you all stick around for my posts later today hopefully! Have a great day!

March 22, 2009

So Sorry!

So today was quite the day. My son Kyan went stir crazy today. He spilled his Sprite all over the floor, fell and hurt himself numerous times, and WROTE ON THE KITCHEN FLOOR IN PERMANENT MARKER! And now I find out that my computer won't read the photos off my SD disk! Woe is me! I have a feeling that either him or Colton tried to 'fix' it. Probably the same thing that happened to my iPod. The joy of having boys. I have a feeling I'm in for much more of this in the future. The worst part is that I have 3 cards to share with everyone. I'll have to wait until tomorrow when I can borrow my dad's laptop or get this one fixed. At least my whole computer didn't get 'fixed.' Lord love them!

Blog Candy Update

I got a great idea from my SBS Sister. If you have a blog please make a post about my blog candy in addition to leaving a comment. Also to view the blog candy please click the link to the right of the Sale-a-Bration Mini. Thanks!

Blog Candy!

Hello everyone! I know I've been slack this weekend but I've got all 3 kids all to myself today as Matt has to work. I'm going to spend some QT with them today. I really don't feel like I get to see them much anymore. So for now I'll let you know that I'm going to be catching up on all of this week's challenges on SplitCoast. Anything I make today I'll load on here later this evening before I post it on SCS since I can't upload on Sundays...boohoo! I hope you all are having a wonderful day. I hope that this next announcement will make it all the better. I am doing BLOG CANDY! That's right! I'm going to be giving away some Sale-a-Bration items: the Ribbon Bundle that consists of Certainly Celery Polytwill ribbon and So Saffron Grosgrain Ribbon and the Botanical Blooms Stamp Set. To enter this raffle please leave a comment below. Once there are 50+ comments I will randomly pick a winner using Please make sure you tell everyone you know about this so that they don't miss out! If we get over 200 unique comments I'll add an extra goodie! Good Luck Everyone!

March 20, 2009

Three Easy Payments!

Hello everyone! Here is the 411 on ordering the kit in three easy payments! This is so awesome! Stampin' Up understands the hard economic times we are all facing and wants to help each one of you making money doing what you love without breaking the bank! This opportunity is currently available through April 30th and with Sale-a-bration in effect until March 31st now is the time to become a demonstrator! During Sale-a-bration, you will receive 15% off the price of the starter kit, a free stamp set and NOW you have the option to make three easy payments on the kit. How cool is that? Wait it gets even better! Your starter kit is actually shipped to you after you just make the first payment! You don't have to wait until you've finished paying before you get the product. It's easy peasy and a great way to earn extra income, have fun with your friends, and get a discount on awesome products! What follows is from the SU! home office on all the details you need to know. If you have a question please ask by emailing me at or calling at 336.953.3646!

How it Works

At the time a recruit signs up, she fills out her Starter Kit form and other paperwork as usual, but must also write "Three Easy Payments option" at the top of each form. (Please note that the Three Easy Payments option is not available through the Online Independent Demonstrator Application. Recruits who wish to take advantage of the offer must submit their paperwork by mail to Demonstrator Support.)

The recruit must also complete a separate Three Easy Payments form, available for download from the Customer and Demonstrator Web Sites.

Using the credit card information provided on her Three Easy Payments form, Stampin' Up! charges the initial Starter Kit payment (see the table below for a breakdown of payments) on the day paperwork is processed and sends the recruit her the Starter Kit.

On or around the 15th day of the two months following the month Stampin' Up! received her paperwork, Stampin' Up! will charge the subsequent payments using the same credit card information provided on the Three Easy Payments form, and the Starter Kit will be paid in full. Stampin' Up! will only accept the same credit card for all three payments, as provided on the Three Easy Payments form. Checks or money orders will not be accepted.

Details and Restrictions

To qualify for the Three Easy Payments option on the discounted Sale-A-Bration Starter Kit price of $169, Starter Kit paperwork and an accompanying Three Easy Payments form must be received by Stampin' Up! (not postmarked) on or before March 31, 2009. Paperwork received after this time will be processed for the regular Starter Kit price of $199.

After Sale-A-Bration, to qualify for the Three Easy Payments option on the regular Starter Kit price of $199, Starter Kit paperwork and an accompanying Three Easy Payments form must be received by Stampin' Up! (not postmarked) on or before April 30, 2009. Any Three Easy Payments forms received after this time will not be processed. Demonstrator Support will contact the recruit to determine how she would like to proceed.

Any applicable state taxes will be charged with the first Starter Kit payment. (The full amount of taxes applicable to the total Starter Kit amount will be added to the first payment. No taxes will be applied to the second and third payments.)

For recruits who wish to add the Stampin' Memories Starter Kit add-on for $50.00, this full amount (including any applicable taxes for the add-on) will be added to their initial Starter Kit payment.

Any commissions for the demonstrator will be held until the final Starter Kit payment is successfully completed. At that point, Stampin' Up! will release commissions to the demonstrator. In the event that the second or third payment is unsuccessful, Stampin' Up! will satisfy the payment from the demonstrator's commissions and if necessary continue to hold commissions until the full Starter Kit payment is satisfied. Any remaining funds will then be released to the demonstrator.

The Three Easy Payments option is not available through the Online Independent Demonstrator Application. Recruits who wish to take advantage of the offer must submit their paperwork by mail to Demonstrator Support.

Recruits participating in a regional seminar recruiting promotion are not eligible for the Three Easy Payments option.

Payments Breakdown for the Sale-A-Bration Starter Kit Price (March 13-31, 2009)

Starter Kit Payment Payment Charged* Payment with Stampin' Memories Add-On*
Payment 1 (charged at time kit is entered) $56.34 (+ sales tax) $106.34 (+ sales tax)
Payment 2 (charged around April 15th) $56.33 $56.33
Payment 3 (charged around May 15th) $56.33 $56.33
Total Payment $169.00 $219.00

*Payments indicated are for the cost of the Starter Kit, and, if selected, the Stampin' Memories add-on, including shipping. They do not include and any applicable state taxes. (Please note that any applicable taxes for the total amount of the Starter Kit and, if selected, Stampin' Memories add-on, price will be added to the first payment.)

Payments Breakdown for the Regular Starter Kit Price (April 1-30, 2009)

Starter Kit Payment Payment Charged* Payment with Stampin' Memories Add-On*
Payment 1 (charged at time kit is entered) $66.34 (+ sales tax) $116.34 (+ sales tax)
Payment 2 (charged around May 15th) $66.33 $66.33
Payment 3 (charged around June 15th) $66.33 $66.33
Total Payment $199.00 $249.00

*Payments indicated are for the cost of the Starter Kit and, if selected, the Stampin' Memories add-on, including shipping. They do not include any applicable state taxes. (Please note that any applicable taxes for the total amount of the Starter Kit and, if selected, Stampin' Memories add-on, price will be added to the first payment.)

Easter Wishes

Hello everyone! Man do I feel refreshed! I was so tired yesterday that I went to bed at 8:30! LOL. Today's card is a really simply and fast card. I used the Textures Plates #4 for the cute paisley background on the whisper white card stock and then used the Stampin' Pastels to color one of the paisleys. I also used the Lots of Tags Sizzlit to cut out Pretty in Pink Card Stock and runned on Easter Wishes with the Chit Chat Run-Ons. This card took me all of 15 minutes to make! To view today's Project Worksheet please click the appropriate link (DOC or PDF). I hope you all have a really wonderful day! Bye for now.

March 19, 2009

Circle Card

Hello everyone! What a great morning it is! I can't wait for today brings, although it may only be work! My mom's Circle Scissor Plus came yesterday. YAHOO!! We didn't think it would be in until April but it was delivered before I even got the Shipping notice! HAHA! Since Mom has been so busy training for a postition at work she let me borrow her Circle Scissor Plus and man is it ever cool! I love it!!!! Am I using enough exclamation points? Haha. Ok so today's card is made using this awesome tool. How cute! Here are the Project Worksheets for this project (DOC or PDF).

Also I have the PW's for yesterday's card and you can view them here (DOC or PDF). I hope you all have a really wonderful day! I'll see everyone later as I will be making some announcements later!

March 18, 2009

Two cards today!

Hello everyone! Today I have two cards to share with you! Hooray! But first here are the PWs for yesterday's Pretty Petals card (DOC or PDF).

Our first card today was one that I did for TLC212 Challenge on Splitcoast. The technique was ribbon frame. Isn't it cute? There are so many ways you can use this and I can't wait to have time to play around! I am hoping to begin integrating videos on these different techniques that I've been learning so that I can share them with you! For now, here are the PWs (DOC or PDF).

Our next card is the actual card I made for blogging today.This cute little Easter bunny is from the Eight Great Greetings Stamp set from the new Occasions Mini Catalog. Now although the catalog isn't going to be released until April 1, you all are able to preorder some of the sets now! To view these sets please click my link to the right and if you want to order please just click my signature at the end of this post. I do not have any project worksheets yet for this card but I will have them by this evening!

I hope you all have a great day! Pray I get off of work early so I can come home and STAMP!

Cindy's Blogiversary-Anniversary

She's celebrating and giving away one of the Stamp' Up Sale-a-bration stamp sets, a dozen prima flowers, 3 brasss stencils, and an assortment of stickers and rub ons. Here's what you have to do, leave a comment on her blog and then post a note on your blog linking back to her's. A winner will be chosen randomly next Sunday. Here's her link to go check out the blog candy!

March 17, 2009

Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers Group #28

Hello fellow bloggers! My name is Lauren and I an Independent Stampin' Up Demonstrator. I have three children and work full time at Citi as a Customer Service Rep. I have a wonderful fiance named Matt. Matt, Colton (4), Kyan (2), and Chloe (4 months) reside in Asheboro, NC (near the zoo!). I have been stamping and scrapbooking for about 5 years now and just became a demonstrator in February. I can't wait to meet you all!

Pretty Petals

Good morning everyone! I had a great weekend and I hope you did too! I actually accomplished some scrapbooking finally. Well onto today's card. I don't have any Project Worksheets for this yet as I am running late for work lol. This card is using the Tea Party Paper and I will be featuring this DSP in my first workshop coming at the end of March. I hope you all enjoy this card and I will post the PW's a bit later today! Have a Terrific Tuesday!

March 16, 2009

A Relaxing Sunday!

Hello everyone! I'm so sorry I didn't post yesterday, I decided to have a nice relaxing day with my family. Me and the boys dyed easter eggs. How much fun! They did a wonderful job and it was so nice to spend some quality time with them. I feel like I don't see them enough now that I'm back to work. I also went to a consignment sale yesterday and got little Chlobug some new dresses for spring time! Well enough personal news, on to today's card! These cards are teeny tiny, only 3"x3! They are perfect as little thank you cards or maybe even to put into a set. I tell you what, I'm really starting to like coloring with markers! If you want to see the project worksheets, just click the appropriate link(DOC or PDF). Well everyone I'm off to crop at my local scrapbook store, Betty's! Hope you all have a Marvelous Monday!

March 14, 2009

Good Morning, Good Morning!

Yay it's Saturday! But unlike most people I have to go to work today but it's my friday! So first thing first. Here are the project worksheets fom yesterday's project the Manhattan Top Note Card. Just click the appropriate link (DOC or PDF).

Now on to today's card! I used the blender pen with the Classic Stampin' Pads on watercolor paper to color the flowers. Isn't it sweet? Here are the PW's for today's card(DOC or PDF). Also an announcement! From now until April 30th, when you sign up as a demonstrator, you have the option to pay for the starter kit in three easy payments! I'll have more info on this a little bit later! Well everyone I hope you have a great day and I'll see you later!

March 13, 2009

Hi everyone! I got a shipment with my very own Big Shot yesterday (I'd been using my mom's and I think she desperately wanted it back. HI MOM!) I got the Manhattan Flower Embossing folder and is it ever cool! I'll have a project worksheet later but HI HO it's off to work I go! I hope you enjoy this cute little card and check back later this evening for the PW's! Have a great day everyone!

Hello All!

Sorry I keep changing my background, I've been lookin for one that will make my pic look better. So I had a long day today and just wanted to stop by and say Hello! I got a shipment in today and you know what that means!! STAMPING. I made two cards this evening to share with you and I should post one in the morning. I hope you all are having a great night! See ya in the AM.

March 12, 2009

Good morning everyone! It is too early and my eyes are all blurry lol. Here is today's card, I used Copic Markers to color the flowers. This card was made for Wednesday's Sketch Challenge on SCS. I'm still learning how to color with the copics but i'm getting much better. I really need to take a class! The Stamping and Scrapbooking Room aka Betty's near my house apparentlly has a great class but I never get to take it because I'm always working when they have it!! Alright here are the project worksheets for you (DOC or PDF). Well there ya go! I can't believe I got this all done this morning! WOOHOO! I hope you all have a wonderful day and I'll see you later!

March 11, 2009


This is the Top Note Mini Album! Isn't it darling? This has been copyrighted so please do not copy or reproduce in any way, this is offered through a paid service to my clients. If you would like to sign up for the class, the cost is $20 in person and $25 by mail. Each of these will include all precut items needed to assemble the book, buttons, ribbon, and library clips,handwritten instructions, a DVD tutorial, and access to a password protected video tutorial. If you would like this Album to come to you assembled and stamped so that you can simply add your pictures and embellishments, the cost will be $45 and will still include written instructions, embellishments, DVD, and password. To order either the kit or assembled album please email me at or call me at either (336)521-4776 or (336)953-3646. These albums currently are available in two styles: Parisian Breeze or Bella Rose. If you would like a different style please email me and I will make it available to you, although it may take a bit longer for it to arrive to you because I will need to order any products I do not have readily on hand. I hope you love this little book as much as I do! It is sure to make a wonderful brag book or gift!

Hope you all have a wonderful evening, it is time for me to go to bed!