March 30, 2009


I'm really sorry I've been missing these past few days! I recently quit smoking and I'm having a pretty hard time with it. With work and the kids on top of my mood being in the pits, I haven't felt like doing anything besides watching tv, drinking black coffee, and sleeping. It's been so tough but I know that this is someting I need to do for myself and for my family. I am really trying to be healthy in 09. I've been promising Matt for a long time that I would stop and I've finally done it! I'm so proud of myself so far. I'm about 4 days in and I'm still going strong! Thank you so much for your understanding! I really miss you all and I promise I will be back soon! I'm hoping to do some crafting tonight! If I don't, I will at least take some pics of the scrapbook pages I made last week so I can share SOMETHING! I will see you soon!


AK Stamper said...

Good Luck Lauren......I know this is a hard thing to do, and if you really want it, you will do it!

My DH decided to quit the first of the year so we are tobacco free too in our home.

Get sunflower seeds, chewing gum out to keep you busy....anything to keep your hands busy!

Shell in Alaska
SBS 28

Barb said...

Oh Lauren I wish you the best of luck with this one, I'm a smoker trying to quit so I do know how hard it is. I bought the E-cig & just got the prescription for Champix, I just have to set my date now. Think of how much better we'llfeel when we accomplish this, plus we'll have more stamping

Melissa Punt said...

hey girl, you can do it! I've been there and it's not easy! But, oh so very good for you and your family if you are able to hold strong! Hang in there... they told me after the first 3 days... your habit should be broken... then the rest is in your head(for me the hardest part)!;(

Julie Temple said...

Best of Luck!! I am there with you, and DO NOT feel bad that you are NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!! It is so hard to quit!! I will be keeping track of your progress...tomorrow is my first NO SMOKE DAY!! We will be "Feelin' Fine in 2009"...LOL!

Rubber Hugs,

melody said...

WTG chickie on quittin smokin ~ what a great goal and accomplishment so far! i'm rootin for ya!


Redparrot53 said...

Hang in there Lauren, it will be SO worth it when it's over! I lost BOTH my parents to smoking so I am praying for your success!

Anonymous said...

You can do all things through Christ!!! You can do this! I quit about 15 years ago. I was a 2 and a half pack a day smoker and it was hard. I did about what you are doing my first week. Gave myself permission to only do what I wanted to do. My family was really understanding and helped me tremendously. It will get easier - I promise! You will be so thankful to not be a slave to this habit any more! Will be praying for you.