March 22, 2009

So Sorry!

So today was quite the day. My son Kyan went stir crazy today. He spilled his Sprite all over the floor, fell and hurt himself numerous times, and WROTE ON THE KITCHEN FLOOR IN PERMANENT MARKER! And now I find out that my computer won't read the photos off my SD disk! Woe is me! I have a feeling that either him or Colton tried to 'fix' it. Probably the same thing that happened to my iPod. The joy of having boys. I have a feeling I'm in for much more of this in the future. The worst part is that I have 3 cards to share with everyone. I'll have to wait until tomorrow when I can borrow my dad's laptop or get this one fixed. At least my whole computer didn't get 'fixed.' Lord love them!


pam said...

Oh my...that does sound like quite a day...Wow. So how do you deal with the permanent marker on the floor??? What kind of floor did he write on? I hope the coming week is better for you. Looking forward to seeing your new cards. Take care, Pam.