March 9, 2009

As promised...

Ok everyone! As promised I have those Project Worksheets for you. It's about 10:50pm so I'm going to be going to bed and I won't have a chance to finish or share my special project with you until maybe tomorrow. I have a feeling I'll be home early from work tomorrow. Anyways I really think you all are going to love it. It is a truly original idea I came up with and for that reason I have copyrighted it. LOL. Feel free to attempt to recreate it, just don't submit in contests or use for commercial use. I'm going to do a class on this item and I will be offering it by mail as well. I will iron all these details out this week so if you are in the area I'd love you to come, or if you live a ways away I'd be happy to mail the class to you with all instructions to you. Enough for now, here are the PW's (DOC or PDF) for the "To Your Own Self" card I posted earlier this morning. Just click the appropriate link and stay tuned! Have a terrific Tuesday tomorrow!