March 19, 2009

Circle Card

Hello everyone! What a great morning it is! I can't wait for today brings, although it may only be work! My mom's Circle Scissor Plus came yesterday. YAHOO!! We didn't think it would be in until April but it was delivered before I even got the Shipping notice! HAHA! Since Mom has been so busy training for a postition at work she let me borrow her Circle Scissor Plus and man is it ever cool! I love it!!!! Am I using enough exclamation points? Haha. Ok so today's card is made using this awesome tool. How cute! Here are the Project Worksheets for this project (DOC or PDF).

Also I have the PW's for yesterday's card and you can view them here (DOC or PDF). I hope you all have a really wonderful day! I'll see everyone later as I will be making some announcements later!


Barb said...

Very sweet, I like the look of the circle card.

AK Stamper said...

Lauren, nice job on the Circle card! Haven't gotten the cutter yet been waiting for some reviews first before I take the plunge to purchase it.

Shell in Alaska