March 23, 2009

Questions answered!

I had a great question from Pam (Hi Pam!) about our little incident yesterday. Kyan, whose two, wrote on our linoleum floor in the kitchen. He was drawing circles. He also wrote on the kitchen table, 2 kitchen chairs and his booster seat. I have no hope of getting that out. My mom looked up what things remove permanent marker and some of the things were a magic eraser, toothpaste mixed with baking soda, baking soda mixed with water, dry erase marker, and a pencil eraser. So far I've tried the dry erase marker and pencil eraser and they helped lighten the drawings by not totally remove them. Since I have the day off today I plan to try the baking soda, er powder, I'm not sure which I'll have to look it up. Needless to say that I was exhausted after Matt got home yesterday and quickly got the kids to bed and went to sleep! LOL. Welp I hope you all stick around for my posts later today hopefully! Have a great day!


Barb said...

The Mr Clean magic eraser really works.. MY GD wrote on my walls and it removed it all. I buy the one with the blue scrubber on the backside of it - costs more but worth every penny..
Barb S